Why Is Customer Relationship Management Important


What will happen if you ignored the customer service and left your clients alone to deal with the issues or problems that may arise with product after sales? It’s pretty obvious that they’ll never come back and to aggravate it further they’ll make sure that no one in their social circle buys your product or subscribes to your service by advising them to stay away from your brand. Doesn’t it sound like a business nightmare? It indeed is. However it is just a small glimpse of the possible (and inevitable) repercussions of ignoring the customer service.

Ever asked yourself the question about the reason why your business exists and what ensures your survival in the market? The answer is obvious; it’s your customers buying your products and contributing to boost up your revenue. Look at the marketing strategy of any successful business out there. The common factor is that they all provide excellent customer service and make their customers feel that they care and provide them the best compensation for their hard-earned money. Also your customers will be more inclined towards buying your product if you develop a psychological bond with them through personalized communication.

A portrait of the customer relationship management strategies of two companies with different approaches will help you understand the concept more clearly. The X company cares about its customers and has an effective strategy of customer engagement and customer care for the pre sales, sales and post sales phase. They carry out personalized communication; make conscious effort to understand the needs and demands of their clients and offer compensation if something goes wrong. On the other hand the company that we name the Y company boasts about their product, creates a trap for the customer, tricks them into buying their product and don’t care about the customers once the deal is closed. The outcomes of both strategies are obvious. The X company has 60% more rate of customer retention than the Y company and the stats of customer retention also affect their reputation in the market. The whole situation can be translated into a formula that goes like this: Your business equals your loyal customers and the customer relationship management translates into customer retention.

Customer relationship management software (CRM) is important for your business just for the reasons posted above. I’m sure my readers are smart enough to infer the reasons why managing relationships with the customers is important since it’s precisely the moral of the story of the X and the Y company. However making positive use of my free time I can write down the reasons to get a CRM for you in a rather professional manner.

1. You can store your clients’ data in the central CRM repository and contact them whenever you deem appropriate.

2. You get a historical view of every piece of information about a client, for example the history of previous deals, communication and transactions.

3. A CRM smoothes the internal processes of your business also and gives you the reports of every instance on a single dashboard.

4. There are many cost-effective CRM systems available in the market so if you want to fire an inefficient secretary or a manager, you can go ahead.

5. A Good CRM software manages your relationships with your customers effectively and efficiently and give you an insight of what your customers actually want and which areas of your product or service require improvement.

6. It automates many of your business procedures and provides you more time to have fun or do whatever you like.

There is a lot more to discover about the CRM system and everyone likes and rates it according to their experience so I won’t say that buying a CRM software would be the best decision of your life since I cannot decide on your behalf but one thing is for sure that if you implemented it properly and effectively, you won’t be regretting your decision.

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