Why choose CosmosCRM?

CRM has been the essence of the existence of many successful businesses and the reason for the revival of failing businesses. CosmosCRM can streamline business processes to the extent of rendering first-class services that yield remarkable results from increasing growth in revenue to satisfying customers all at once. Here are four features that make CosmosCRM essential for your business:

1. Activity management software:

CosmosCRM keeps track of all activities related to the business and the clients and keeps you updated with all important events that are still in the pipeline or have been executed but demand your attention. A simple activity dashboard shows all tasks, appointments or deals that can be referred to when needed. You can gauge performance and assess completion of tasks using this activity management feature. Most importantly it does not involve the hassle of manually updating tasks and appointments as it synchronizes itself with applications like Gmail. You can also increase collaboration by allowing access to selected users so they remain up-to-date with important business activities.

2. CRM Dashboard:

CosmosCRM allows you to customize your dashboard and make visible only those pieces of information that are important. This way you have greater control over what is presented to you based on your priorities. These dashboards also come with already uploaded widgets from which you can pick and choose those that best match your needs. Perhaps one the best features of CosmosCRM is that of report generation. Now you can assess the performance of your business and analyze how well the tasks have been carried out by generating in-built reports or by creating customized reports.

3. Increased automation and email integration:

CosmosCRM speeds up the business processes through increased automation and increases accuracy by ensuring precision recording. It ensures automatic synchronization with business processes without presenting the need to manually update the CRM system with the organization’s practices that are already in place. Furthermore, it integrates with applications like Gmail to sync emails so that you can easily connect with clients.

4. Seamless telephony:

You can enjoy uninterrupted communication with your customers by connecting with them through live telephone calls. CosmosCRM makes communication simple for you by allowing you to buy credit and getting selected numbers enrolled in the system to ensure seamless telephonic communication with your customers. In addition to guaranteeing effective communication, integration of telephony can benefit your business through budget control, maintaining a record of communication and overcoming geographical barriers.

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