Top B2B Marketing Strategies


Marketing, be it of any sort is not an easy task at all and when it comes to business to business marketing the complications and effort get to the whole new level. You will never see a small company without marketing issues. Its not just the case with small companies, even the big ones have marketing issues but my emphasis on SMB is because of their rather feeble setup that can hardly endure failures.

As entrepreneurs enter the market they know little about how to make connections with the customers and sell their product. Their expectations are (quite naturally) high and often unrealistic. No offense to the entrepreneurs but they are more like a caveman coming straight out of a cave with the only objective to “prey and eat”. Like cavemen fresh entrepreneurs also want revenue without realizing the crucial marketing dynamics and the hurdles lying in the way of marketing.

Tracking B2B customers is like finding Nimo. The only thing you know about Nimo is that it’s a fish of a particular breed and looks like many others of its kind in the river. You need patience to track the area where there is a possibility of Nimo’s presence. After tracking the area you have to stay there quietly with the product you brought to tempt Nimo in the river until Nimo gets your message and comes to you. The whole process requires a great deal of patience and quiet effort.

At the onset of your marketing campaign the biggest challenge is to attract people’s attention. What do you normally do to get the attention of the people in your real life? You say something interesting and this is exactly what you have to do to draw attention towards your product in the market. Content is the king indeed so you must produce something that people can relate with.

Generally, storytelling is considered the best strategy to engage people since its interesting and relatable. Discuss your product with the people whom you think can be interested in your product and put their perspective in a story so they would immediately get your point.

CRM systems are all the rage in the recent times but do they actually help you achieve what you want. The answer is YES. To connect with people and promote your product you need the data. And not only data but refined data so can track your right lead. This is obvious that while finding Nimo you will have to identify that particular breed of fish and let go the rest. You cannot waste your time to inspecting all marine life in the pursuit of finding Nimo. You have to refine your funnel so only the useful contacts can be retained. CRM technology not only helps you refine your data but also spreads your message. Its your campaign manager that shouts out the presence of your product loud. The customizable functions of CRM help you design the technology in a way that suits you best.

B2B marketing may not be easy but if you develop a realistic strategy with the right tools, there is no reason you won’t succeed.


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