The Key Features For B2B Owners In A Marketing Automation Platform

Unlike the traditional corporations, B2B businesses have a different theme of operations, processes and marketing. For niche marketing, B2B marketers cannot simply employ the traditional ways that all other companies use to spread the word. Given that the start-up B2B entrepreneurs may be hard-up for the marketing budget, a CRM can actually be a savior for them but the point that is required to be pondered on thoroughly is which marketing features can really help them score rounds? Following are the key features that B2B marketers should be looking for in a marketing automation system:

1. Analytics:

For startups (and even for the established organizations) the ability to measure the ROI matters the most. You need to have complete intelligence of the progress of your campaigns with the tools contributing most to nurturing the revenue. A research by CMO revealed that 65% of the companies fail to leverage the marketing analytics in their marketing projects. A suitable and correctly deployed CRM system allows you to have all the facts and figures on one platform giving you the power to anticipate the future beforehand.

2. Leads database:

Maintaining the full record of the leads’ activity on your site is something that niche marketers cannot opt out of. Marketing automation has opened up new dimensions for the customers and they know where they can get help from without talking to a human. Gartner reports that by 2020 85% of the customers will be able to maintain their relationships without connecting with a human. This indeed is a big leap in the marketing procedures and the marketers should equip themselves with the tools that are actually carving the future.

3. Social media:

You need to spread your message where there is a high probability of finding your clients. Social media is the place where you can find your targeted niche with little effort. It also facilitates your relationship building process with easy communication and personalized access. However, despite of all the usefulness of social media, it may not be able to prove the ROI. According to research by Economist Intelligence Unit 45% of the businesses stated that the inability to prove ROI was the biggest roadblock to social media investment.

4. Email engine:

59% of the B2B marketers say that email is the most effective channel in generating revenue (BTOB magazine). In order to carry out meaningful communication with your clients, or sales prospects you need to have an official channel from where you can not only spread the word but also get people to read and comprehend it with an invitation to respond and provide feedback. An email engine is designed to do this very job without any hassle. In other words you can say that an email engine is the lifeblood of a good marketing automation platform so you must make sure that it is completely up to the mark.

5. Lead scoring:

In order to accelerate sales, you need to priorities the sales-ready lead. Identify you niche market and you the right tools on the right time to hit the bull’s eye. A research by Marketing Sherpa suggests that only 52% of the business organizations actually verify their leads before they are passed to the sales.

Identifying and filtering your lead is an important factor and must not be overlooked since it saves you from wasting your time on the customers who are not worth it so you can spend it connecting with the ones who are actually useful.

6. CRM integration:

The most important tool of marketing automation that you just cannot do without is CRM. You need to have your segmented data in the centralized repository, a complete system to connect with the clients and leads, a set of tools to streamline your business processes and the seamless integration of all of these.

A CRM system can actually be a complete marketing automation platform in itself since the modern systems available in the market provide you all the features discussed above at one place with an intuitive interface that lets you do your work with a better flow than ever before.

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