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CosmosCRM – Expanding reach with Social connectivity.

The convergence of social networks with the CRM strategy is the most demanded solution as it acts as a bridge to arrive tight to  the targeted audience and expand the chances to boost revenue. Hence, CosmosCRM converges social media in one user friendly CRM system that pulls leads from social network to the CosmosCRM and expand your reach by adding them into your already established client database.

CosmosCRM is efficiently embraced with the three top notch social networks that are being employed worldwide. The three social networks integrated with CosmosCRM are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Exceeding 1 billion registered accounts, as of March 2015, Facebook secures first rank in the list of most popular social network worldwide. LinkedIn stands in the seventh position with more than 347 million active users and Twitter is  the twelfth most used social web with over 288 million users. Catering to all these three big social networks, CosmosCRM incorporates an effective arrangement that can be used to import contact detail from social networks to the CosmosCRM. The details are then processed to create a new lead so that it can become one opportunity some day.

How CosmosCRM works:

Working of CosmosCRM is simple and efficient. To create a lead using the details available on social networks, let’s say Facebook, you merely have to go to the Contacts module and select  “Add New” contact option from there. It will navigate you to the detail page of creating a contact with multiple fields. Place the Facebook link of your contact in the corresponding social media field and click the Facebook icon placed next to it. The contact detail will automatically be populated in the residue of the subjects, i.e. First name, last name, email, and phone, etc. if the details are available in the digital community. From there you can click on the Save button and your task is done. The method is same for the other two digital communities. Now relax and let CosmosCRM work for you.

How CosmosCRM is helpful:

One great advantage of owning a CRM system with integrated social media is that it affords a new doorway to the one thousand thousand of opportunities you can approach is a very cost efficient way. Secondly, you can look into the psychography and sociography of your lead with a glean insight about liking, disliking, interest, needs and attitude of that individual by analysing his profile available there. This default integration in CosmosCRM can help you in terms of mentoring great ways to project a full image of your brand on these nets.

So right away, you can not just enlarge your reach, but step up the chances to close more opportunities with your clued-up CosmoCRM’s social connectivity.

How To Effectively Use A CRM


The success of a CRM system largely depends on its correct usage and deployment. More often than not, the novices subscribe to a CRM system, get it implemented in their organization but still remain clueless about how to draw benefit from it.

The first thing you need to invest in your CRM even before money is time and an urge to learn for you cannot reap real fruit until you don’t know the correct way of using technology. As a beginner you should divide your CRM strategy into three phases i.e. process streamlining, Salesforce automation and customer retention.

In the first stage the focus should be more on the data storage and processing. In any standard CRM system you get the module of contacts that allows you to store the information of your clients in a centralized repository. The other modules that should be emphasized on during this phase are Users, Roles and admins. Using these modules you can easily see a zoomed in picture of your business and fill up the room for improvement.

The second phase is Salesforce automation that requires a different set of tools which are generally present in a good CRM system. For Salesforce automation, the key is email that allows you to contact your leads and customers and effectively imparts your message to them. However the email communication must be kept personalized to make the customers feel a connection with your product or services. In the varied landscape of marketing, email may not suffice in some cases so a CRM also provides you the feature of telephony (often upon the client’s request) so you can connect with people and convey your message over phone.

The third phase of CRM strategy involves customer retention which is the trickiest one because today’s markets are majorly consumer-oriented and the empowered customers of today have a number of choices available in the market with the leverages of internet search and customers’ reviews. To keep them loyal to your company you need to build up a psychological connection with them and a CRM software allows you to hit the right chords in the process through automated communication and a robust business intelligence system.

Implementing a CRM software may not be the easiest task but following the right guidelines you can do it right and see wonders happen to your business with least manual effort.