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Telephony feature in CosmosCRM

CosmosCRM is a complete Customer Relationship Management package that offers seamless telephony solution with other valued and awe-inspiring features in it. Telephony in CRM is an exciting feature because of “Click to Call” functionality that facilitates organizations to make their CRM system a master of all the trades that assists employees in contacting their customers employing their own CRM system. This “Click to call” feature in CosmosCRM is all but a great leverage that allows you to make live telephone calls between CRM and leads while empowering you to control and keep track of all activities and telecommunications happening in your CRM by keeping the history of each call. Since, telephony is an expensive undertaking; many CRM systems avoid providing this solution as default functionality.

CosmosCRM supports both call types i.e.

  1. Outbound (Outgoing call from CosmosCRM)
  2. Inbound (Incoming call to CosmosCRM from external body)

How Telephony in CosmosCRM works?

In order to telecommunicate using CosmosCRM, you are required to have “Leads Mobile Number” and your CosmosCRM telephone number. Logged in user is already allotted Cosmos phone number in his profile. For Lead’s contact, it’s a duty of Sales Staff to enter the customers’ contact info (mobile number) while creating contact, in case it’s not automatically added during email sync process.

Outbound Calls

Outbound calls are the calls made through CosmosCRM system which can easily be made by clicking Call icon available against client’s mobile number field on Contact’s detail view. On clicking the phone icon, two options are displayed on the screen i.e.

  • Number to Number
  • Browser to Number

Number to Number option facilitates user to communicate through phones. On the other hand Browser to Number option enables user to communicate from browser. However both the options have the ability to create record (with respective call type i.e. here Outbound call to <number>) for history purpose against the customer.

Inbound Calls

Inbound calls are the calls received through CosmosCRM. Every customer is able to communicate with its Sales person using Telephony feature. Customer will call from their phone to Sales person and Sales person can receive that call from either browser (if he is logged into CosmosCRM) or their phone. After the call is made, a record of call (with respective call type i.e. here Inbound call from <number>) with the actual status is created just as history against that customer.

Call recording is attached in case of successful calls i.e. Status: Held for both types of Calls i.e. Inbound and Outbound.

With this value added feature, CosmosCRM has won obtrusive existence in the CRM market. Now a call is just one click away in CosmosCRM.