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Why choose CosmosCRM

CRM has been the essence of the existence of many successful businesses and the reason for the revival of failing businesses. CosmosCRM can streamline business processes to the extent of rendering first-class services that yield remarkable results from increasing growth in revenue to satisfying customers all at once. Here are four features that make CosmosCRM essential for your business:

1. Activity management software:

CosmosCRM keeps track of all activities related to the business and the clients and keeps you updated with all important events that are still in the pipeline or have been executed but demand your attention. A simple activity dashboard shows all tasks, appointments or deals that can be referred to when needed. You can gauge performance and assess completion of tasks using this activity management feature. Most importantly it does not involve the hassle of manually updating tasks and appointments as it synchronizes itself with applications like Gmail. You can also increase collaboration by allowing access to selected users so they remain up-to-date with important business activities.

2. CRM Dashboard:

CosmosCRM allows you to customize your dashboard and make visible only those pieces of information that are important. This way you have greater control over what is presented to you based on your priorities. These dashboards also come with already uploaded widgets from which you can pick and choose those that best match your needs. Perhaps one the best features of CosmosCRM is that of report generation. Now you can assess the performance of your business and analyze how well the tasks have been carried out by generating in-built reports or by creating customized reports.

3. Increased automation and email integration:

CosmosCRM speeds up the business processes through increased automation and increases accuracy by ensuring precision recording. It ensures automatic synchronization with business processes without presenting the need to manually update the CRM system with the organization’s practices that are already in place. Furthermore, it integrates with applications like Gmail to sync emails so that you can easily connect with clients.

4. Seamless telephony:

You can enjoy uninterrupted communication with your customers by connecting with them through live telephone calls. CosmosCRM makes communication simple for you by allowing you to buy credit and getting selected numbers enrolled in the system to ensure seamless telephonic communication with your customers. In addition to guaranteeing effective communication, integration of telephony can benefit your business through budget control, maintaining a record of communication and overcoming geographical barriers.

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How to Shop for CRM???

How to shop for CRM

Customers serve as a lifeline for any organization. Every smart business will agree with this statement.

It is critical to provide customers the services they demand and maintain a good relationship at the same time. This is where CRM comes into play. CRM, short for Customer Relationship Management, is a quintessential tool that helps maintain customer information and contact details. It also helps manage and record customer interactions.

Venturing into the world of CRM can be tough for a first timer. Before selecting a platform, it is important to know what your requirements are.

Here are some points that you must consider before making a decision on CRM.

Understanding Individual Needs

Before deciding on a CRM, it is important to have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve. You need to opt for a package that caters to your company’s size.  Understanding specific needs can help in choosing a suitable CRM platform.

Knowing Your Budget & Customization Cost

Staying within your budget is essential. There are many CRMs that may cater to your needs without you overspending. On the other hand, some CRMs may not cater to ALL of your needs. You may end up adding customizations to your CRM to fulfill your requirements. These customizations are not free and in some cases might force you to overstep your budget. First look for a CRM that covers the major requirements of your business and then review customization options. Avoid getting trapped into a never ending loop of customizations. Contact existing customers for a second opinion.

Invest In Training

New software means new environment for your employees. This requires extensive training. Old workflow methods need to be replaced with the new. This means handing out training manuals and staying on top of transition.  This is necessary so that all employees are on the same page and are familiar with the new functionalities and updates.

Focus on the Client

A business thrives only when it has a strong relationship with its clients. CRM system is a must for those who value their clients and believe in fostering long term relationships. While implementing the new system, it is necessary that the main focus should always be on the client’s needs and not on the business’s convenience.

Social Media Marketing

Social media plays a major role in the business world today. CRM’s Integration with social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to track potential leads and understand how customers think and act.

ROI Evaluation

Keeping track of your ROI once the CRM is implemented should be mandatory. Build a streamlined procedure and strategy for your future goals. This will help you quantify the benefits that come with the CRM implementation.

Use CRM to make it ‘all about the customer’ from the start. It helps save time and allows you to concentrate on the other aspects of the business, while ensuring that the automated system is keeping you and your team on top of everything.

In a nutshell, if you want to impress your customers and get good results, CRM is the tool that can help.


CRM Based Customer Strategy - Advantages

A well-planned CRM based customer strategy drives significant competitive advantage and bottom-line results for your organization as it caters to the focus of every successful business i.e. customers. In order to excel in this diverse business environment, organizations are bound to follow a strong customer strategy that maps an effective operational plan for the organization and helps businesses in setting their prime focus on most meaningful aspects in all the three key directions i.e. sales, marketing, and Support. CRM plays a significant role in this regard and supports companies to deliver great customer experience in all the three wings of customer engagement i.e. Sales Force Management, Marketing Automation and Customer Service and Support.

There are many advantages of having well-planned customer strategy. Three of which are given below:

1. Increased Revenue:

CRM based customer strategy improves revenue streams for the organization by enabling better visibility into potential customers’ profile, efficient segmentation of customers, deriving referrals from contented customers and boosting conversion rate of prospects into customers. For all these factors, CRM plays a key role that gathers customer/prospect related information from multiple sources say web to lead form, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or other social media fronts and organizes data at single unified interface that is shared with all employees across the organization. The available customer base is then segmented into different categories made on the basis of either value or probability of deal closure within the sales pipeline. The whole process diminishes the effort of organizing data and opens up more cross-selling possibilities with a single contact point hence boosts revenue.

2. Reduced Operational Cost:

This is an admitted fact that CRM is a great tool used to reduce the overall operational cost of a business by amplifying productivity of employees and rendering them with assistive tools that automate the half of their tasks. CRM’s dashboards help employees in multiple ways:  let it be managing the queries, orders, or self-performance and schedule, CRM is active everywhere facilitating employees close orders at a faster pace with improved request handling made for information and leads. Another asset of CRM is the monitoring system that not only provides self-assessment platform but also enable managers to look into the performance of each employee against their set targets. Additionally, CRM comprises a scheduler system which entangles automatic compilation of “to-do list” and notification system that conjointly ensures that every sale lead is paid substantial attention and is followed-up in time. All these facilities are packed in one user-friendly software named CRM.

2. Improved Customer Service and Customer Retention:

The core of every CRM solution is the Customer and introducing CRM strategy for improved customer service and customer retention is synonym to a successful and ever-growing business. Linked with the above-mentioned leverages of CRM, the customer relationship management tool helps deliver personalized and customer oriented service to clientele that automatically exalts the organization’s repute in the customer’s eye. It also liberates companies to extend customer service to social media strategy and help them cater every single voice raised for their support and service while ensuring consistent customer service across all platforms and channels. CRM’s dynamic tools help in all these dimensions and offer a knowledgebase to store solutions of problems regarding the product. This way, CRM shortens the response time for subsequent support calls while improving customer service that leads to customer retention and customer loyalty.