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Second Release_Infographic

Second Release of CosmosCRM

Cosmos CRM has made its first release at the end of year 2014. The basic purpose of that release was to provide a fast, usable and responsive CRM which can be used by both B2B and B2C customers for Sales, Services and Marketing. The aim is to provide a solution and not a tool.

Second Release_Infographic

How CosmosCRM is different from other CRM softwares?

With the aim of introducing a simple and easy to use CRM in the market, Cosmos CRM has successfully released its initial version that embraced attractive Home page and services like email sync that no other CRM is offering. As soon as the user lands on the Home page, he will be served with a quick summary of the entire sales, upcoming and pending activities within the CRM. The other highlight of this release was Email Sync. Email Sync feature provides Cosmos CRM clients, an ease to fetch information like First Name, Last Name, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Current Address of its user against their Email id.

Following basic applications were introduced in the Cosmos CRM system during release 1.

  • Contact
  • Client
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Meetings
  • Calls
  • Email
  • Deals
  • Users
  • Roles

Along these applications, there is another section that is named as the Support Channel which guides its end user about how to use Cosmos CRM system.

With the addition of certain new features and improvement in the previous one, Cosmos CRM successfully released its 2nd version in the mid-January 2015.

Following applications & features were added during release 2;


  • Workflows
  • Calendar


  • Responsive UI
  • Activities reminder
  • Telephony
  • Email templates
  • WebToLead form
  • Contacts import
  • Clients module is changed to Companies module
  • Submenu (add, view & my) is added to the navigation menu

With the introduction of responsive UI, Cosmos CRM is accredited with a feature of displaying  super flexible content w.r.t. pages on all devices.  This feature is the strength of Cosmos that eliminates the hassle of zooming in or zooming out to adjust screen w.r.t. resolution.

Activities reminders add another super exciting functionality to Cosmos CRM. Users are notified of all their upcoming activities automatically so that there is no chance left for them to miss any.

Telephony feature enables the end users to call their customers directly from the CRM instead of phone. With Cosmos’ telephony, the recording of successful call gets attached to the respective customer’s history.

With this improved version, Cosmos CRM continues to provide best of their services to small business and is heading toward betterment and enhancements for next upcoming releases.

Import feature automates the functionality of importing all the Contacts placed in csv file to Cosmos CRM.

WebToLead form of Cosmos automatically converts sign up customers to lead.

Email Templates allow users of Cosmos CRM to make customized email templates for use while sending emails.