Social Customer Relationship Management: How It Works

The blend of social media and CRM software coined the term social CRM that marks a software with seamless social media integration. Along with the regular CRM features, the social CRM enables you to interact with your customers on social media in a personalized way, chat with them, track new leads and spread your message online through posts, statuses and tweets.
Below are some guidelines about how to make social CRM work for your business.

Improve campaigns with the social CRM:

Gone are the days when people would buy anything that was advertised on TV and radio and organizations considered it enough of the customer service to make an advert and let people know about their product. The changed mediums of communication have empowered the customers globally and people have so many options along with the product reviews and customer experience readily available on the internet. Today people just skip the adverts on TV and radio, ignore the honey-tongued sales people and through away the glossy marketing material put in their way. They are smart enough to decide what they want and for that they expect to have meaningful and relevant communication with the sellers.

There are some companies clueless about how to secure their position in the market in this changed scenario and how to develop a marketing strategy that actually works. As an attempt to get along with the recent trends they hire some social mediahot shot to get their presence noticed in the virtual world and although it does work to some extent, it’s just not enough.

The successful campaigning through social media involves becoming a part of the discussions taking place in the marketing funnel. Relevance and interaction is the key here and it would definitely become a successful shot if you become a part of the discussions taking place in the buyer funnel. But make sure you are smart enough to add “value” to those discussions by posting relevant and authentic opinions or answers so customers can know, respect and value you as trusted resources.

If companies adopted this approach to serve their customers, they would not only remain loyal to them but will also become referrals and bring in more customers.

The thumb-rule for the social CRM:

Before you actually get started, devise a clear strategy, basic rules and social guidelines. Make sure everyone in your marketing team knows them, then step back and trust your employees. The best part of this strategy is that there is minimum risk involved since everything is happening publicly and the statistics can be built instantly based on the progress.

There is nothing new about the social media; it’s just the traditional marketing through the new channels. However, it must be added here that, like telephone conversations, marketing cannot be controlled and people can no longer can be herded over to sales. Now the social employees must be trained to deal with the customers. Empower your employees enough to listen and engage with your customers and the buyer communities on a worldwide level. People nowadays, long for one-to-one communication and this is precisely the key to customer retention. Companies with the policy of listening and engaging the people effectively will be the ones getting the life-long customers.

Implement it internally:

Setting examples of the best practices is a good way to implement this strategy. The people on the top of the organizational hierarchy must participate in engaging, listening and opining in the conversations and show them the way how it works since success breeds success. Along with that empower your team to do the same and make it the culture of your organization.

The individual employee and their reputation as a seasoned expert regarding the product can be an important part of social business. When they will realize there is that there is great potential for them, they do wonders and take your business to greater heights. Choose the right people and encourage everyone of them to participate. From the CEO of the company to the lowest ranks. Practice it.

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