Web based CRM:

Do you have an internet connection with a decent speed? Does your browser display everything you want to see on internet? If yes then congratulations! The web based CRM is designed specifically for you. It does not just provide you technology; it offers you the NEW AGE business technology.

What is a web based CRM?
Web based or hosted customer relationship management (CRM) is the software which is provided by a host i.e. your application service provider. Unlike your traditional CRM software web based CRM does not involve any third party (your local network) between you and the CRM service provider team and makes sure to provide you best possible services for your business over the internet.

Pros of a web based CRM:

Keeps you updated by providing regular software upgradation.

Saves you the cost of additional hardware equipment.

Independent (works without backend deployment)

All you need to access your CRM is a computer with internet connection.

Fast and easy exchange of information within your company.Quick implementation.

Cheaper than your traditional CRM systems.

By choosing a web based CRM you subscribe to a service with universal accessibility with a nominal monthly cost. Cosmos CRM provides you this incredible SaaS solution at an unbelievably low price.

Does web based CRM suit your small business?

We understand that all of you have different needs to manage, improve and grow your business and we do not believe in one-size-fits-all approach.  We provide you the feature of customization of your CRM software so you can modify it according to your organization’s workings instead of going other way round.

It best suits you if you travel a lot and still want to stay connected with your business like you do in your office.