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For years companies have yearned for a product that could put them on the best position to benefit from it without constantly having to worry about the licenses, varying costs and the constraints put by the product developers. The identification of this need played the impetus for OEM model of Cosmos CRM that frees you from the shackles of recurring licenses and the limitations of intellectual property. We offer you the following package with complete ownership and authority to utilize it for your own services:

Intellectual property

Once you have purchased the code, Cosmos would be your own intellectual property which you can mold, incorporate in another product, or implement in your organization, there would be figuratively and practically no limits.

No recurring licences

Cosmos CRM spares you the stress and worry of getting the licenses for lifetime. You just pay the one-time cost and enjoy the ride to unlimited extent.

Get a head start

We developed this system over a months with a team of ten technical experts, including software developers, QA managers, database experts, and user experience designers and we offer this complete package to grab and implement, saving you the months of development and fuss.