Gone are the days of yore when a CRM system was a custom piece of highly specialized, and expensive, software that only the biggest corporations could afford. Advancements in technology, such as the age of cloud computing, have allowed an increasing number of businesses to benefit from CRM systems. CRMs are no longer for the large enterprises anymore; small businesses nowadays not only can, but should invest in a CRM solution.

A CRM affords a business many things that ease processes, smooth the workflow, and boost productivity. It is a central repository for your business; its digital backbone that holds everything related to it and makes it accessible to every concerned user. It allows you to track leads, manage sales, generate reports, and integrates with your e-mail to ease communication. If it sounds like a CRM solution packs many great things under one roof, that’s because it really does.

However, because CRM solutions are being used by businesses of all sizes nowadays, it is important to differentiate between these businesses as distinct from each other based on their size. After all, businesses have different needs and requirement depending on how big or small they are. So ideally, a CRM solution for small businesses should take into account their specific needs and be specialized for these needs, which is what Cosmos CRM is.

Cosmos CRM is simple and easy-to-use without being underpowered. It allows your small business to manage contacts, track sales, generate reports, and supervise permissions within an intuitive user interface that allows you to get to work instantly. It eschews extensive functionality and complex interfaces in favor of getting the essential things done, which is what small businesses need.


It includes all the basic things that makes a CRM so advantageous for any business so that your business capitalizes on having a CRM without the employee resentment, steep learning curve, and implementation nightmares associated with complex solutions that are packed with superfluous features.

E-mail integration eases inter-office communication so there is no need to constantly switch windows either. Cosmos CRM is the perfect fit for a small business’s needs; it provides all the features that one expects from a CRM solution within a minimalistic, intuitive interface that allows users to get more done… with less effort.