Ever thought your CRM could be your business herald too? When you put all your effort in your business, it’s just natural for you to desire to have complete knowledge of the outcomes that are being produced. CRM makes sure that you get exactly what you want sans those complex data insight systems.

People often associate business intelligence software with high price that only big fish in the market can afford. This misconception needs to be crushed because as technology has advanced, it has become more affordable too. Now it doesn’t matter if you are operating a small organization in a limited area with a small team or running a large enterprise, CRM is in your price range. With such nominal investment it’s a heavenly treat to enjoy excellent business information tools having analytical capabilities, automatically propelling your business forward.

CRM provides you business insights on two levels.

  1.       Collective
  2.      Individual

You can see the collective information of daily, weekly and monthly sales in the form of simple bar and ringed graphs displaying the highs and lows of your sales pipeline in one window. With such simplicity you are truly going to enjoy your experience of sales automation and management. We have developed some rules regarding the sales insights’ illustration. It has to be simple, tidy and trustworthy. You don’t have to manually cleanse your data or insights, CRM illustrates only what matters, saving you the discomfort of separating important from the useless.

The individual intelligence we provide you about every customer or the lead is exhibited in the cosmic view where the information and statistics of each individual can be viewed on different levels from pre-sales to sales along with the additional information of marketing and support. With clients’ cosmic view you can know the size of your lead, opportunity and the customers. In a nutshell your whole sales pipeline statistics are available in your CRM. We do not provide you just a CRM, we provide you a complete business solution.


Here is the summary of how CRM acts as your business intelligence system:

-Provides you a 3D view of your lead prospects containing everything from their residential location to their social media profiles where you can connect with them.

-Illustrates a detailed view of the sales statistics in a dramatically simple manner.

– Gives a complete record of the deals with your clients.

-Alerts you and your selected team when a deal closes.

-Gives notifications for the internal tasks of your organization.

-Lets you know the perspective of your customers by connecting with them on social media.

-Imports contacts from third party to boost up your sales within weeks.