Corporate world is not the same anymore. Now corporations cannot sell anything making false promises or advertising with exaggeration. Internet has empowered the customers big time providing them complete online insights about the products they are interested in. Now they can explore, compare, test and then accept or reject a product at their own accord. In the tough marketing scene like this how sellers can advertise their product as THE BEST? There is only one way of doing it and that is to actually become the best in terms of quality. At cosmos we claim only what we actually are and we have a way to prove it too.

Let’s have a look on the features of a quality CRM.

Simplicity- check

Integration- check

Remote access- check

Data management- check

Lead generation- check

Follow-up tracking-check

Workflow automation-check

Integrated business intelligence system-check

Nearly all good CRM systems offer this package so on what grounds we advertise ourselves as “the best”? Well, we provide you an additional feature of cosmic view that showcases the complete information of a client, and your history of dealing with them in a single window. You can open their cosmic view and have the information of their location, social media accounts, telephone number and history of dealings (from becoming a lead to a happy customer) in an instance. With this unique feature, we surely do not brag when we claim to be the best amongst the league.