Marketing Techniques That Give You Goosebumps

It happens very often with SMB entrepreneurs when they launch a product or service which they rate so high on a standard scale but it fails to gain currency with the people mainly because of improper projection or inadequate marketing. You are not the only one wondering why your amazing ideas, products or business plans are going down the drain, there are many others in your league out there. In today’s scenario genius product ideas and their execution is just not enough. In this fast paced world you not only have to create the best for your target customers but also have to make sure that your target market gets acquainted with your product, accepts it and assimilates it with their lives.

Below are a few marketing techniques that everyone should use to get their business running in no time.

Project your product well:

You cannot make others read your mind unless they are psychics and that ofcourse, is far from being possible so you have to project your ideas in a lucid way for others to understand. After you have made a wonderful presentation of your product, the question pops up that how to convey it to the people. Well, this is why emails and social media were invented.

Become a familiar name:

This is one of the most important parts of branding. When people cruise around the internet, they see many products and services being advertised on different forums so when they come across the product with an intention of buying it, they get a sense of familiarity if they have seen it somewhere already with a good description. This is the technique that attracts your lead and also makes you a well-known name in the market.

Send personalized emails to your sales prospects:

Good marketing is all about building relationships with your customers. Starting a relationship from the scratch to maintaining it over a long span of time is a fair challenge for the marketers. For that you have to constantly “keep in touch” with your lead and clients without letting the “seller’s tone” take over. They must get the idea that you know them as individuals and are familiar with their needs instead of thinking that you are just another fish in the market sending out bulk emails without even knowing whose inbox they land in. Also approaching people on social media, replying to the comments on your products’ page is a strategy to make people feel that you pay heed to what they have to say and are willing to improve your clients’ experience according to their suggestions.

Offer compensation:

In case your product or service doesn’t work properly for your client, you shouldn’t sit back and wait for them to complain. Instead, the moment you realize your customer’s dissatisfaction you should approach them and apologize for whatever caused the problem and offer a compensation they would like. It would make your clients rank your product or service higher than the rest available in the market.

The good news is that you don’t have to perform all of the above-stated tasks manually. The CRM systems available in the market are exactly what you need to automate your business processes with dramatic ease. Implementing a CRM software doesn’t mean that you’ll have to change the ways you are already using in your business for long. Your CRM software is flexible enough to work according to your existing business procedures. You can do email marketing, social media management, lead tracking, contact management and personalized at one mighty forum that is your CRM. And this is not all; a good CRM system also offers a business intelligence system that gives you the reports of each instance in your business.

Many entrepreneurs know their problem and the solution as well but they do not adopt the automated marketing because they think it is too expensive and does not fit in their budget. Gone are the days when CRM was the technology only for the large enterprises. Over the time as the CRM systems gained popularity, they became cheaper and affordable even for the small business owners as well. Now a good CRM system costs less than your daily snacks. Technology has really made the world a much better place.

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