How To Tell If A CRM Is Tailored For Your Business

Being a small business owner you need to be consistently analyzing the market and the new technologies hitting the scene in order to grow, thrive and keep pace with the rapidly accelerating competition. The implementation of the CRM system has become a must for most of the small organizations out there but how can you tell if a CRM software really suits your business or not and are you going to make the right purchase decision that would bring in fruit or it would get you deeper in a state of confusion regarding your business processes.
Below are some indicators that you should be paying heed to in order to make the right decision:

1. Can it hold your data well?

The first thing to look for in a CRM system is a centralized data repository that contains all you contacts. But if the repository was just about storage, your smart phone would have sufficed. What makes a centralized data repository really useful is the convenient and easy display of data along with actionable buttons like email, SMS or social media icons in front of each contact so you could open up your contacts list and get to connect with people the right away without having to be redirected to other places. A good CRM system enables you to segment your contacts so a particular message can reach only to a targeted segment of your contacts and saving you the embarrassment of sending repeated sign up emails to those whom you intend to thank for registering.

2. Follow up is mandatory:

The first rule of customer retention is follow up. You cannot sell your product and forget about it since the lasting relationships with your customers depend upon how much you care about them and for that you need to make sure that you stay in touch and provide them a convenient channel to interact. The right CRM system will spare you the agony of sending a huge pile of email manually. It will let you take control of your email with easy integration, templates and mass emails for efficient and effective marketing.

3. Time is money, spend it wisely:

You need to streamline processes, schedule tasks and organize the work mechanism to make the most out of your time. No entrepreneur of marketer would like to spend time tending to unproductive issues instead of communicating with their customers. The right CRM system for your business will not only automate your marketing but will also enable you to add and view tasks, schedule meetings calls and messages and create alerts about the things requiring attention. The best part of process streamlining with CRM is that you can view all the activities taking place in your organization on a single dashboard. A CRM software like this would certainly be a bad news for the work-shirkers in your organization.

4. Get power to make it big:

The right CRM software is to your company what electricity is to electrical appliances. It gives you the power to automate, listen, communicate, get insights, boost productivity and grow like never before. You don’t have to be deprived of the leverages like product tracking and analytics that the big companies enjoy through those expensive CRM systems which are beyond your range of affordability. A good CRM software would not only provide you the basic functionality that the fancy systems offer but it will also offer customization to make the features fit for your needs.

When it comes to technology, you must not fall for the fancy features and analyze what actually suits you best. After all there no good point in having (and paying for) the long list of features that you are not likely to use.

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