How To Hit The Bull’s Eye In Marketing


Okay, there is no need to get violent or mess with a bull. The blog title is actually a figurative expression that means no harm to anyone be it human or animal. Any resemblance to any sort of instigation, legal or illegal would be purely coincidental. Now please don’t think I’m unaware of the TV serialistic tone of the lines written above. It’s just that I want the readers to think of it more realistically.

Marketing is not a task as simple as bull fighting. It’s actually about befriending the bull and convincing him that he needs a red scarf to look better. Here the bull is synonymous to consumers. And this is not an offense to consumers because after all bulls are humans too. They too have a pretty much similar anatomy as (many) humans with an almost identical heart.

Being a good marketer requires you to be a gentle stalker as well. Of course connecting with your lead and customers and developing a relationship with them is not possible without stalking. But don’t feel bad about it, psycho stalking is completely legal until and unless you don’t mean harm.

Customer relationship management has entered a completely new phase where communication is the king and of course carrying out massive personalized communication on an extensive level is not possible without the help of technology. Now the question is which technology can serve you best.

The most integral part of communication is email but you cannot send emails manually to all your customers and lead. You need a dedicated mail service to send bulk emails to a number of people who may or may not be interested in receiving them. This approach worked well a decade ago when people were eager to open each and every email that landed in their inbox but nowadays nobody likes to receive junk email messages addressing them as masses. So getting the third party email services is no longer a good idea.

What today’s marketing needs is a business software through which customized communication can be carried out and that could reach all your customers and leads. A CRM software does exactly the same. It’s easy to use, customizable and completely affordable. You can customize your CRM system to send personalized messages which people would actually pay heed to. Limiting your marketing to emails only is not a wise thing to do as the trends in communication have drastically shifted and people now prefer social media for connecting with others. A good CRM system comes with inbuilt social media integration that allows you to see which social media forums your clients use so you can connect with them and develop a bond that would make them prefer your services over all else.

It doesn’t matter if you couldn’t make it through high school despite your teachers’ best efforts or you don’t know much about technology, transitioning your business processes to CRM is easy and you can do it with the help of a free online tutorial.

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