How To Avoid CRM Pitfalls

It always took me by surprise when people purchased and then abandoned a CRM program complaining about functionality, complexities or the uselessness of its features. But a deeper look into these complaints unleashed a lot many factors responsible for the CRM pitfalls.

Buying a CRM may not be the easiest decision for you. Its so much like hovering around the shops in a busy market with many fancy products showcased behind the glass doors but not each one of them is meant for you. While purchasing a product you make your decision based on what you need and what suits your requirements instead of how fancy it looks.

The case is similar with the CRM systems. Although there are so many systems available in the market with their own pros and cons you should only focus on the features that you think would befit your organization and what you can afford. A wrongly deployed CRM program can play havoc to your business just the way a right program can do wonders to it. Therefore you should have a closer look on the factors failing a CRM software:

– Inadequate knowledge of computers and technology

– Not consulting or training your sales team first

– Complex system with too many programs

– Incorrect implementation

– Unrealistic goals

– Multifarious or dirty data

There are certain CRM softwares that may have their disadvantages for a particular business size for example a CRM costing several thousand dollars and containing features that only big enterprises can use would be futile for s small business and soon will deprive the owners of cash. Along with that the resentment of your sales team can also affect their performance since not all salespersons can get along with a CRM and enjoy playing the administrative roles. The maintenance and updating of some CRM software also can be costly and cumbersome causing you monetary harm and loss of motivation. Therefore it is extremely important that you take into account all of these factors and make the best choice for your business.

Many entrepreneurs take CRM for a miracle worker and their impatience lands them in a state of agony and disappointment. Statistics suggest that it takes a traditional CRM 3 to 5 years to generate guaranteed ROI so patience is an important factor in order to derive the maximum benefit from a CRM. The number one barrier hampering the performance of a CRM is poor data management and dirty data. The outdated information of your customers, the faulty email addresses, non-functional phone numbers, all this is the secret assassin killing your CRM software. The CRM administrators should be mindful of this common pitfall and make sure to keep the data updated in the CRM to avoid turning it into a repository of historical information.

While buying a CRM software you must know the traits that qualify a CRM software for excellence. A great CRM system:

a. Ensures security b. Is easy and simple to use c. Functions efficiently d. Makes sure the unhindered flow of clear communication with the customer

Focusing merely on the right functionality is not enough. There are some other aspects as well that affect the suitability, implementation and functioning of your CRM software. Personality traits being one of them. Although the idea may sound strange to some but it’s a fact that people with certain personality traits like empathy, analytic skills, organization, courtesy and positive attitude can work better with a CRM and make it a success for the organization whereas people that cannot work effectively with the CRM are the ones with poor attitude, disorganization, poor work ethics and bad temperament.

The organizations must make sure that they conform to all these conditions posted above before buying and implementing a CRM system in order to thrive and build lasting relationships with their customers.

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