Sales CRM


Getting Cosmos CRM means having your sales team cloned a 100 times. This is not just a claim; Cosmos CRM absolutely justifies it with its efficient performance that surpasses human competence in all aspects. Cosmos CRM is your sales superhero that makes your leads follow you like you’re a pied piper. It comes with powerful resources like integrated email, social media, customer management, scheduling, tasks and business intelligence system. Below is a picture of how it gets your business running within weeks with an unbelievably amazing sales mechanism.


Effective integration

Cosmos CRM not only integrates with the social media forums but also aligns with the business processes within your organization. The integrated email service is a double treat because it gets you contacts from multiple sources and also helps you communicate with the members of your own organization in a better way. This seamless integration is a part of your basic installation package and requires no extra effort.


Implement and synchronize

Cosmos promises simplicity and true automation; therefore, you need not worry about the implementation of your CRM systems on your organizational processes. It ensures the automatic implementation and synchronization with the existing business processes and organizational practices. The default system allows you to adapt and customize your CRM the way you deem appropriate yet it is so simple that you can learn it without having to attend any lectures. However, Cosmos CRM offers dedicated support to its customers from installation to the post-installation stages so that our clients do not face any discomfort spoiling their experience of sales automation.