We know it takes referrals to run a real estate business successfully and referrals are forwarded by the happy clients. In most real estate companies a considerable percentage of lead is lost after the initial contact, therefore maintaining connection is pivotal for your business. Cosmos CRM makes sure that you don’t lose your lead because of failure to maintain connection. With CosmosCRM tracking your sales pipeline and retaining your lead with a customized follow up for each prospective customer is no rocket science. Real estate agents are amongst the busiest of people walking on the face of earth. They travel, connect, finalize deals and keep a track of all their business. Amidst all this activity it is difficult for anyone to make new contacts and secure a lead for the future while keeping their sanity. CosmosCRM makes it possible for you to connect with a particular selected list of contacts in a given time and makes it easier for you to manage your existing contacts as well as future lead on a single platform. It’s not only a software, it’s your future business insurance too.Being a real estate agent you constantly have to take notes, and manually store the information and data if you are still adhering to the old ways. Cosmos CRM not only advertises itself as a complete business solution, it actually proves itself to be exactly what we claim. You can list, view, create, edit, filter and delete your notes with a single click.