Email marketing is one of the trickiest tasks in the world because if you don’t play your cards right you lose customers instead of attracting them. Nobody likes their mailbox full of useless messages forwarded by bulk email services and almost everyone begrudges the services consistently turning their email inbox into a trash bin. Also, using a third party for email services is an extra expense that costs you time and money for nothing.

We offer you the integrated email system that sends personalized automated messages to the right contacts knowing their perspectives, demands, and needs from multiple channels like social media web sites. You can run your email marketing campaigns targeting the right people, using the proper email channel and customized messages. This is simply an entrepreneur’s dream came true.

Below are the pros of email marketing with your cosmos CRM:

-Simplicity- you don’t need to be tech savvy to use it.

-Target identification- It hits the bull’s eye by sending email to the right people.

-Easy to start with- you don’t need to get extra coaching to learn it.

-Integration- you don’t have to put in data separately, it just synchronizes with the central data of CRM

-Personalization- you can send personalized emails without having to modify them manually and generate automated response to customers’ emails making them sound like human-to-human communication instead of a human-to-machine interaction.

-Economical- Saves you the money you spend on email campaigns employing third parties.

-Scheduled- you can send messages at the right time.

What more do you need for your business? Let us know.