You send different kinds of emails to different contacts but you are confused about how to separate them and send tailored emails to each of your customer in order to avoid irrelevance or disorder. Such kinds of situations often arise in offices while managing emails and contacts. With Cosmos CRM you are the smart architect of your business management designing your strategies and the course of action with a few clicks.CosmosCRM provides you a cohesive view of all your contacts in a single window so you can select or deselect them for a particular email. And this is not all, you can schedule your emails as well so they reach your clients on the right time and you get the bull’s eye. How amazing does it sound? Along with the scheduling feature we have something more awesome in store for you. Now you can send a quick email to any of your contacts from their cosmic view with a single click. And the best thing about our email service is that inspite of a number of features we offer, your Cosmos CRM can be operated with incredible simplicity.


Using Cosmos, your emails are not the useless messages people hate in their inbox, they are the call to action. When a user shows interest in your product, the automated response from your Cosmos CRM reassures them that they are on the right track. Nurturing your desired size of lead was never this easy before.With Cosmos, forget worrying about the errors your staff commits in sending emails to your lead or customers. After all humans can commit mistakes but cosmos doesn’t.