CRM With Email Integration


People delete a number of unread emails from their inbox every day. Ever thought what kind of emails people don’t want to pollute their inbox with? Most of them are promotional messages sent in bulk or, of course, spam. Bulk emails have lost their credibility due to multiple reasons and people don’t want to receive them anymore. Such annoying email services do more harm than good to your business. Cosmos CRM knows just how to hit the right chords. We emphasize on maintaining credibility first so people listen to you and don’t confuse your services with the false offers forwarded to them without even knowing if they are interested or not.


In Cosmos CRM, you have an integrated email system that spares you the hassle of manually sending emails or using the services of third party bulk email senders. We send programmed yet tailored emails that significantly heighten the chances of sales. Also, we keep a track of the leads on numerous forums and send personalized emails making your customers feel that we are not among the league of braggers trying to sell our products by any means, but rather that we know them and we care!