Reporting is one of the most central functions of a CRM. After all, a CRM is supposed to help you with managing your business, and Cosmos especially aims to align the internal and external facets of your business in a smooth fashion. And none of that can be possible without reports and evaluation. Reports break down the daily tasks and projects of a business into hard figures and metrics, which are easy to understand even for a person who is not well-versed with the fine details of a project or task. As such, they are a powerful tool for managers to have a quick glance at the progress of their team, and even for teams to self-monitor themselves and keep track of their advances.Cosmos CRM realizes this important role that reporting plays in any CRM package. The dashboards come built-in with useful and frequently used reports to enable a hassle-free generation mechanism for them.There is a report for “My Daily Activities” and “My Weekly Activities,” which not only allow for self-monitoring, which is an important tool for users to stay motivated, but also helps users keep themselves organized. It is easy to lose track of due tasks during a high-stress work day or week, but that’s where these reports come in to save the day.


Then there’s a report for “Past Due Activities.” We all miss deadlines one time or another, for a variety of reasons. But the worse thing is when you miss a deadline and completely forget the task. This report enables a user to keep track of the activities that have were due some time in the past. It allows the users to prioritize and manage their time in such a way that they can ensure that such activities be completed as soon as possible.Of course, there are reports for “Daily Sales” and “Monthly Sales” too. Sales are one of the central concerns of a CRM package and also one of the main purposes people look for a CRM. These reports allow you to monitor what many believe should be the forte of a CRM package. And they’re as simple and self-explanatory as they sound, but nonetheless very powerful and effective.Lastly, apart from these ready-to-generate reports, users also have the option to create new report to get a glance at just about any and every piece of information that matters to them.