CRM Dashboard


The dashboard is where Cosmos allows you to put the information most important to you right where you want it. You can monitor what you want, assign a specific place on your dashboard to monitor your point of interest, and further choose the form in which you want the information to be presented to you. Each user’s dashboard is individually customizable, because, of course, things have distinct priorities for different users. The customizability allows you to truly personalize your CRM, control it, and own it. Dashboards come pre-loaded with a variety of widgets that users can select to be displayed. Furthermore, users can create new items themselves that they want to be displayed on their dashboard. The most important aspect of your dashboard is inevitably going to be the reports, which allow you to have a snapshot of your or the business’s progress. Like a dashboard is the heart of a CRM, reports are the heart of a dashboard. Cosmos CRM allows you to quickly generate a variety of in-built reports as well as create new custom reports to let you keep track of the things that matter in your work life.