Contact Management


Your business exists because your contacts do. An entrepreneur knows well the importance of having all their business contacts in a secure place in an organized manner so they can be retrieved whenever need arises. Cosmos CRM not only makes sure that you find your contacts on the right time at the right place but we also focus on building a psychological bond with your customers by connecting you with them on multiple forums so that they remain loyal to your brand. With Cosmos CRM, you no longer have to worry about your contacts disappearing in the complex data management software or the old manual documents eating up your customers’ data. We provide you a CosmicView of each contact with all the necessary information you may need to offer them a personalized service. Now not only your customers’ location, but also their details of past, present, and future communication and dealings is just a click away. You can even track their existence on different social media forums. With all your customers’ information stored in a centralized store like CosmicView, you can identify their needs and serve them in a customized manner. Imagine your social media strategist working automatically without your manual supervision. So it’s time to go automated with Cosmos CRM, and you would no longer have to rummage through the entire office data to find your contacts.