Activity Management Software


Cosmos CRM makes the workings of your organization crystal-clear for you by keeping and displaying a track of all the business and management activity that takes place within or outside your organization. You can stay informed about the communication, deals, under-process tasks, completed tasks, to-do lists and everything else that matters in your business. Viewing your sales, marketing and sales pipeline on a single activity dashboard is a truly exciting experience. You can also choose to give access to selected users in your organization to view certain activities and when they happened, in order to avoid any sort of management issues. Cosmos CRM offers you an activity module which you can modify and personalize according to your wish so that you never miss a thing and stay updated about your business all the time. You do not have to manually enter your activities in your CRM system. It would synchronize itself with other applications like Gmail and automatically transfer the activity data to the CRM activity dashboard allowing you to save time.