CRM, A Complete Business Solution

CRM, A complete business solution. The statement carries pretty much everything that needs to be said i.e. everything in your business from streamlining of processes to marketing to customers relationship management can be automated and managed more effectively than before using a CRM system. It not only reduces the manual effort you put in your business but also makes sure to provide better results than before by making your services more efficient with no chance of error. The success of CRM has been noticeable in the recent years since only in 2012 $12 billion were spent on this software and out of this total sum 8% was claimed by the social CRM systems. Experts and analysts forecast that by 2016 half of the CRM applications will be delivered by SaaS. A CRM offers ROI of nearly $6 against each dollar spent. The software improves customer retention by 27%. The CRM software is also helpful in solving the big data problems since 24% of the salespersonsí time was spent in searching information but now, with a CRM system, the job can be done automatically.



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