CosmosCRM – A Smartphone Friendly CRM System

CosmosCRM is a Smartphone responsive Customer Relationship Management system that maintains the content, images and structure of the web pages on all smartphones. With CosmosCRM, you can efficiently enjoy mobility in its true sense that liberates you to access varied apps from your smartphones without affecting the content available there.


The world is getting Smart with Smartphones:

Today, the number of smartphone users is comparatively greater than the desktop users. Ineluctably, emerging advancement is smartphone features and responsive web pages and mobile apps are accredited for the distinct audience shift towards mobile browsing that has majestically enhanced the user experience. According to the statement of Search Engine Watch, mobile sales have already overtaken desktop sales, and it is predicted that mobile Internet usage is going to overtake desktop internet usage very soon.

The increased use of smartphones worldwide elicits the need for a smartphone friendly CRM system that benefits not only its desktop but smartphone users too. Mindful of all these requirements, CosmosCRM team has designed a CRM system that reacts to the size of user’s screen and optimizes user’s browsing experience by creating a flexible and responsive web page, optimized for the device that is accessing it.

How it works & benefits CosmosCRM Users?

Reckoning the importance of responsive design, CosmosCRM system is introduced with the vision of providing smartphone friendly system so that each user, no matter which smartphone device they are using, gets the best experience possible. At every single point, Cosmos CRM empowers its users to reach out the customers across multiple smartphone and tablets devices hence providing seamless user experience.

Rapid increase in the use of the internet and proliferation of CRM systems on smartphones became the driving force behind making CosmosCRM a smartphone friendly system.  Ameliorating site experience, CosmosCRM hampers the need for redirection and use of standardized Style Sheets (CSS) across devices to promote unified design approach to the barriers of functionality, performance, consistent look and feel.

CosmosCRM induces its users with uttermost flexibility to adapt a website to different screens with convenient accessibility and casual adaption to the various screen sizes in existence. Based on the size of the screen, CosmosCRM is adjusted, content is relocated, images are resized, font sizes are shifted, the layout is changed and even the navigation is adjusted to deliver an exceptional user experience.

In addition to being responsive, CosmosCRM obviates the hassle of managing multiple URLs to support web and mobile versions of its site hence the user doesn’t have to update CosmosCRM for every single device. The system can be updated through a unified URL being used for all the devices at once.

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