Are you capitalizing on Your Cosmos’s Web to Lead Form?

Looking for ways to expand your customer database? There is a way. The Web to Lead form is available within your software if you are using a full package CRM solution such as CosmosCRM.

Web to lead form is an automated tool that can boost both sales and marketing activities. It is a default component of CosmosCRM that provides a convenient way to its users to submit their information on the website. This is to make sure they get notified about the product and stay updated. That’s not all. There are many other ways in which the web to lead form can help.

Here are a few of them.

Automates Data Feed and Lead Assignment:

Eliminating data entry job and increasing accuracy. CosmosCRM automates data feed – the process of populating lead information from the form into the CosmosCRM system.Once the lead is created, it is assigned to a Sales Rep (by default). The user needs to set a defined list of Sales Rep in a preferred order to accomplish this.

Offers Customization:

Every business is different. They have their own processes and products. To cater the needs of different businesses the web to lead form in CosmosCRM has been developed with a wide range of options. You can use them to fine-tune your website form.You can also define the information to be submitted through this form and customize the design according to your preferences.

Tracks Referral Path:

Referral paths are the specific pages on referrer sites that drive traffic to your website.If you have too many referral sites, with a lot of leads coming through the channel, you can filter the most effective ones with the help of tracking referral paths.This will help you find the best referral site to boost traffic and expand your customer database.

CRM is no one trick pony. It is a smart system that allows its user to make the most out of its options and functions. By knowing the system inside out you will be able to capitalize on your CRM.

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