One Big Reason You Don’t Deserve CRM


How would you like this headline in the newspaper “Man refused to leave the casino on Monday morning since he still had ample time to play on.” People would immediately draw the conclusion that the fellow probably was jobless and did not have anything to do on Monday. Some might think he was a wealthy prince from the oil rich monarchies with an oil well of his own and could afford to gamble his entire life without ever giving three straws about what he gains or loses. Well, both of these are valid possibilities with another one that this man might be YOU.

Ever thought you may be capable of becoming an alcoholic, gambling unstoppably and even cheating on your partner? Even though you have always been a well-behaved person with all the decency in the world and think of yourself free of all big vices. Well, well, well, probably have heard the quote that “an idle mind is devil’s workshop.”

But how on earth your mind can be idle when you are an entrepreneur/have a job in marketing or customer relationship management? Your time is spent chasing your lead, convincing your customers, promoting your product or service or daydreaming about new customers. The hectic daily routine with infinite and never-ending tasks never lets you heave a sigh of relief leave alone doing all this stuff mentioned above.

Imagine what your life would have been like if your business processes could be streamlined without manual effort, you didn’t have to yell at everyone in the office and invite their resentment, and you could stop nagging people for the tasks assigned to them. Now the only things you would be left with is marketing and managing relationship with customers ensuring their loyalty. Still not happy?

While we agree that marketing is not the most desirable or the happiest job in the world, it is one of the most pivotal parts of your business and people have to do it to make a business work. Gone are the days when customer relationship management could be done with airing those old advertisements and providing a phone number or email address urging people to feel free to contact. In today’s fast paced world people have neither time nor inclination to try a new product just for the heck of it and send email or call on the email address or phone number provided by the company. Why should they do it when they can switch to the many other options available in the market?

Corporations have now switched to personalized selling in order stay on the top of the scene. Now you get promotional messages, news about the upcoming events, feedback queries and apologies if anything goes wrong or is not up to the mark in your email inbox or cell phones from the different companies. In a nutshell, they actually develop relationships with customers to earn their loyalty. In a tough competition like this, the decline in the progress of the companies still sticking to their old strategies is no surprise.

A CRM system not only makes your business processes seamless but also automates your marketing and customer relationship management while keeping the whole thing personalized. Research says that people are more likely to be interested in your product if they already have seen it on facebook or any other social media platform they use. Creating a page about your product is not enough. You have to connect with people on their personal profiles in order to make the most out of it. A CRM system lets you do that with remarkable ease. It tracks all the profiles associated with a particular email address on social media websites and allow you to connect with them with a single click. This simple marketing technique leaves a profound impact on the people and you can actually feel its effect on your business.

Now that you can have your business processes streamlined, your marketing is automated and you no longer have to run after your customers, what you would be left with is ample free time and as it is stated above “an idle mind is devil’s workshop” so you will have a fair tendency to fall prey to all the vices you cannot even think of right now and this is that BIG reason that you don’t deserve a CRM.

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