5 Smart Strategies To Retain Your Clients


You used a marketing agent to get his contacts and when your motive was accomplished, you sacked him. You betrayed your clients through exaggerated marketing and once your product was sold, you refuse to recognize them. You promised to give your employees a raise and forgot that on purpose. What happened eventually after that? The karma came into action and everyone including your clients abandoned you. Wait, wait, well, that’s not karma because it’s not just you suffering from the business horror story, even the people with the “good guy” aura undergo such misfortunes at times not because karma hits them but because they are unaware of some simple strategies vital to retain their clients. Here is some advice regarding customer loyalty that will help you emerge from the horrible picture painted above.

Closed the deal? Your business is not over yet:

Your relationship with your clients doesn’t get over once you have closed the deal, in fact it takes a fresh start from there. You must ask your clients to provide you feedback about their experience with your product or the services. Whether it is satisfactory or not, client feedback is very important for you to know since this is the only way you can get firsthand intelligence about what people think about your product? Does it have a negative or a positive image? Or which areas require improvement. Along with that, providing your clients a convenient channel to convey their feedback is also your responsibility so that you don’t miss out anything your clients have to say about your product or service.

“Keep in touch”:

Stay in touch with your sales prospects and customers through email so when they make a purchase decision, the first image they get in their mind is of your product. Sending personalized automated emails can really do wonders for your business since they build a positive image of your product in the customers’ mind and make them feel that you selling responsibly.

Do not overdo it:

Make sure that you don’t let the robotic tone take over your communication with the client. You should not make it too obvious that your sole purpose is to sell your product and you don’t care about their needs. Rather you should be offering them advice, making them feel that you understand their needs and you want the best solution for them. This type of communication can be carried out with customized emails sent to your clients at different time.

Campaign for your product:

Running campaigns, even for your old products along with the new ones is important. You should keep updating your customers about any modifications or changes you make in a product and help them understand how they can benefit from those changes.

Make social media your business partner:

Social media has power to it than you think. It can be a wonderful marketing tool for you if used properly. You can advertise there, make your product’s page and let people know what it is all about, connect with them and answer their queries. You can also use social media to track your lead and communicate with them to kick off a deal.

Now the core of this article:

All these tasks require NO manual working at all. You can get your feedback, send emails, manage campaigns, sell in a personalized way and use social media to your best advantage without hiring more staff by using a single CRM software. Customer relationship management systems not only do what their name suggests rather they do much more for your business by straightening up the internal procedures. It is highly recommended to try out a CRM system for marketing automation and see by yourself what it can do for you.

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