5 Reasons Your Co-workers Are Scarier Than Halloween Charachters


We all get those cold looks that send shivers down our spine by our co-workers in the office while working as a team on different projects. The mere sight of naggers approaching us makes us want to get up and run away because we know they are a hindrance in the way of our performance due to their constant pinging and nagging about the things that need to be done even though we know our role but they just cant rest till the project is completed. They too are justified in a way that responsibility is a great burden and you cant really sleep well until you get it off your shoulders. Here are five reasons why your co-workers are scarier than the Halloween characters:

1. They are mostly the bearers of bad news:
You put all your effort in a project but miss a point or two. This is not something abnormal since to err is human and being a human you cannot be perfect. But the moment you see a grumpy co-worker approaching your table with a serious look you know you are going to be in trouble. In an organizational hierarchy there are patterns of facing the music in case something goes wrong. But everyone has to face it with no exception and things get quite ugly when you are confronted directly by a co-worker.

2. They ruin your tasks:
You are working on a task with complete focus and dedication not caring about the world outside and suddenly you hear the screeching voice of your team leader asking you to quit what you are doing and switch to another task with a higher priority. What does it feel like? Of course that feeling cannot be pleasant and makes you want to leave everything behind and run away. Such situations arise pretty often in the offices and unfortunately the only way to deal with them is to suffer submissively. You are definitely not going to like your co-workers after such an encounter.

3. They belittle your efforts:
A common issue that most of the people face at work is that their efforts are not acknowledged by the higher authorities. Even their co-workers portray their role as insignificant and conveniently belittle their efforts which ultimately causes them to get demotivated and we all know demotivation can be deadly for an organization. Such kind of co-workers can be any employee’s nightmare.

4. They can take advantage of your gullibility:
Not everyone of us is smart and people with better analytical skill than you judge this fact immediately and find ways to take advantage of your naivety by assigning extra tasks or asking you to do what is not really your job. Your gullibility can be a blessing for them in disguise since they can make you carry most of their workload without ever making you realize that you are doing them a favor. Being naïve is ofcourse not your fault and it does not justify the improper and unjust attitude of your co-workers.

5. They are the workplace bullies:
So you think you have grown up now and bullying is a thing of past that happened only in school or college. Well, this may not be true since bullies are everywhere and if you are a fresher at work you are more prone to become a target of the workplace bullies. They are not civil with you still get you do everything that is not on your list of task using their status in the organization in an unfair way. All of these issues are commonplace and you will find scores of people with such experiences but is there a way out? Can this be avoided to deliver better performance? The answer is YES. For that you need to streamline the processes of your organization so that work-shirkers can be tracked and nobody takes the unfair advantage of your trust. A good communication system can provide solution to all these issues and CRM software seems to be a good choice for that matter since it presents everything pretty clearly on the dashboard telling which tasks are assigned to whom and who is doing what at any given time. The world can be made less scary if we can view things in a clear mirror.
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