CosmosCRM 2.0 is here

We have stepped up our game! CosmosCRM 2.0 is now available and it is amazing, you can now access a great set of new feature

  • Telephony – Telephony integrated into the CRM, make and receive call to your customers and have all the call records available
  • Calender – Manage your activities with a very easy to use calendar
  • Activity Reminders – Get activity reminders so that you don’t miss your important calls and meetings
  • Advance Workflows – Want to sent an Auto-Responder email or create a task for accounts when you close a deal? Now its all in your control
  • Social Finder* – Get in touch with your customers over the social networks
  • Import – Want to migrate to CosmosCRM? Not a problem. Use our import our import features to get on board
  • Email Template – Create your own personalized email templates

* In beta